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Our Vision

Giving you guaranteed service levels and support so you can focus on being bigger, better, and bolder online. Putting your right to safety and privacy first, so you have the freedom to create and innovate on a level playing field.

Our Mission

LeoServers Offers The Latest In High-Quality Hosting Products At The Most Competitive Prices In The Business. We Work Every Day To Provide Unparalleled Levels Of Service, Security, And Support. We Won't Bother You With Unwanted Upselling Or Aggressive Advertising.

The LeoServers History


Always Champions for our Customers

Our customers take first priority in every decision we make. And every day, we share our values of authenticity and reliability with the people we serve.


Always Clear and Honest

We strive to build a culture of integrity. All our interactions are honest, action-oriented, and decisive, whether they are with a customer or a co-worker


Dedicated to Security & Privacy

The Internet can be scary and confusing sometimes. LeoServers has your back when it comes to security and tools to keep you safe and informed.


People are the reason

The Internet is built on computers and servers, but there is no net without people people like you and people like us. In today global market, having an online presence is not just a nice thing to have.

Why Choose Us?

High performance dedicated servers with cloud flexibility and scalability.

LeoServers is one of the fastest-growing companies according to the 2020 Inc. 1000. Celebrating nearly two decades of providing unparalleled levels of service, security, and support, LeoServers has been steadfast in customer satisfaction. With over 5 million hosts under management, LeoServers is among the top web hosting providers in the world. We offer a full selection of popular and unique domains, along with fully featured hosting packages, SSL security certificates, WhoisGuard privacy protection, and more.

The Top Team

It is a necessity. We at LeoServers think it is a basic right. That is why we have made it our mission to provide affordable access to domains, along with the products and services that can help you make your mark online. The Internet is not just for people who write code or build server hardware.

Michael N.

CEO, Co-Founder

Caleb O.

Brand Manager

Richard O.

Graphic Manager

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Michael works hard to make sure LeoServers provides the world best Hosting and Web Service platform. Currently creating new products.

Michael N.

CEO, Co-Founder